Cornucopia Plus Corp., Underhill, Vermont, Low Salt Liquid Fertilizers
With Cornucopia Plus, the face of hydroponic gardening is now changed forever.
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Cornucopia Plus Advantage low salt liquid fertilizers are hand crafted nutrients, made using clear mountain spring water of Vermont to:
- Increase nitrogen assimilation
- Increase blossom life
- Increase root biomass
- Increase bud formation
- Promote earlier flowering
- Minimize transplant loss
Cornucopia Plus™
Advantage Bloom

Cornucopia Plus™ Advantage Bloom is highly effective when used with Cornucopia Plus™
Advantage Grow
during the production cycle, and as a trigger/boost with Cornucopia Plus™
Formula X.

For flowering plants, apply at first sign of budding. Enriched with organic energy metabolites to enhance blooming, formulated to provide plant ready nitrogen soil and soil-less growing media. Contains no urea. Plants burst with color, flowers are more vibrant with vivid color and spectacular long lasting blooms,while increasing blossom life.

Cornucopia Plus™ Advantage Bloom formula also increases bud blossom biomass. Selected plant extracts provide the organic auxiliary metabolic precursors to enhance the budding and blooming

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