Cornucopia Plus Corp., Underhill, Vermont, Low Salt Liquid Fertilizers
With Cornucopia Plus, the face of hydroponic gardening is now changed forever.
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Cornucopia Plus Advantage low salt liquid fertilizers are hand crafted nutrients, made using clear mountain spring water of Vermont to:
- Increase nitrogen assimilation
- Increase blossom life
- Increase root biomass
- Increase bud formation
- Promote earlier flowering
- Minimize transplant loss
Cornucopia Plus™ Formula X
Cornucopia Plus™ Formula X(simply the best) is a grow & bloom all purpose fertilizer. A popular and proven fertilizer, Cornucopia Plus™ Formula X provides growing and blooming elements.

Organic metabolites supply energy sugars.Cornucopia Plus™ Formula X is formulated to provide plant ready nitrogen for soil and soil less growing media, and contains no urea.

Cornucopia Plus™ Formula X has consistently demonstrated a positive effect on all flower and vegetable test plants. Stem strength was constantly apparent throughout the growing trials, leaves become larger and achieved a darker green color. Flowers, house plants, herbs respond to Cornucopia Plus™ Formula X with accelerated growth producing herbs with pronounced smell and flavor. Herbs and lettuce growth is accelerated with sweeter aroma and excellent taste. House plant leaves are greener and larger, with greater drought resistance.

Cornucopia Plus™ Formula X is excellent for hydroponics or soil.

Essential oils in herb and aroma therapy plants dramatically increase.
Cornucopia Plus™ Formula X simplicity to use is one of it's best advantages!

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