Cornucopia Plus Corp. is dedicated to bringing the formulations of the late Dr. Luther Thomas to gardeners worldwide.

Through Dr. Thomas’ visionary work and unique research, he has passed along a vast legacy that we are proud to carry onward. With his advanced breakthrough organic and bio-chemical plant fertilizers, we are able to bring back the organic nutrition missing in the environment, assisting the biogenetic pathways of primary and secondary metabolic plant processes to activate your plant’s full genetic potential.

By growing plants through healthier nutrition, the benefits are passed on in substantially larger and healthier yields.

I was a dear friend and protege of the late Dr. Luther Thomas who spent a lifetime doing scientific research in horticulture and agriculture.

With an ever growing population on our planet, Cornucopia Plus is privileged to carry on Dr. Luther’s legacy by helping you produce larger, healthier food crops in order to feed more people with the least environmental impact.

Thank you for your interest in Cornucopia Plus, and for supporting a healthier planet.
Richard Middlebrook, CEO, Cornucopia Plus Corp.